American Ghost

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Letter to listener

Hi, Darryl here.

“American Ghost” was released under Project BWQ in May 2018.

Through the summer and winter of 2017, fourteen musicians were invited into a collaborative vision, each graciously leaving their footprints over the course of the album. From Pink Floyd-esque guitar solos, to searing violins, to old school synthesizers, the album was created with the aim of bringing people together to create something special.

I’ve always been concerned by being “boxed in” by the people I meet. To be assigned a definition and subsequently having to fit that mold is a painful idea; thus came the compulsion to buck genre musicianship - tailoring one’s sound to fit into molds that have been previously poured.

I wanted the listener to sit up after each song and wonder, “where did that come from? Wasn’t this supposed to be an indie rock album?”

And so, while the songs were written to range from soft, acoustic guitar-driven folk to jazz fusion and alt-metal, none of them fit quite so neatly into the boxes to which one might assign them in a vacuum - thanks to the creative input and ingenuity of the collaborators involved.

American Ghost is an attempt at offering something different from the norm, while respecting tradition and heritage - acknowledging our own histories.

The sound is intentionally “vintage,” an attempt to break away from modern music. It was an experiment, and it was one that led me into a community of people who inspire through example.

It’s my way of acknowledging traditions, but not being bound by them; and acknowledging the new, but refusing to be taken by a fickle tide.

The process of exploring the darker recesses of thought has brought a lot of joy and community.

I suppose there’s some irony in that.

Gratefully yours,

- Darryl Joo